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What's Your Design Dilemma?


Combining responsibility with creative flair, Le Ray Design provides a comprehensive service for your commercial space. From an initial functional and aesthetic analysis, to on-site construction supervision and the addition of final artistic touches, Le Ray Design brings clarity to the vision of your space.

Le Ray Design considers important business issues too often neglected, such as the optimum distribution of lighting, workflow traffic patterns, brand identity and how both the customer and employee experience the space.


Many of the executives who experienced Le Ray Design’s talents in their workplace ask for their living space to be redesigned to be as in sync with their lifestyle as their office space is with their work style.

Design Mentoring

The Design Mentoring is a revolutionary Le Ray Design service that gives you a professional space design strategy at a reasonable cost, without having to go through a lengthy and complex process.

During this unique, quick-service approach to interiors, Le Ray Design evaluates your space, being mindful of potential limitations, and matches it to your style and budget. Once finished, you’ll get:
• comprehensive reorganization recommendations to make the most of your workflow, energy and brand identity
• suggestions on how to enhance the look, feel and functionality of your space
• solutions to anything that may hinder the process or final results

Le Ray Design then helps you clearly communicate this vision to your trades’ people by giving you easy-to-follow instructions, sketches, colour schemes, shopping lists and contracts.

In addition to on-the-spot recommendations, the Design Mentoring also includes:
• a complete package of sketches
• mentoring notes
• recommendations for both quick fixes and long-term solutions


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