Branding Within a Brand

Date: November 10, 2010 Author: Mantis System Categories: Design Blog

Successful design has little to do with budget; it is based on an emotional connection to one’s space. Good design mirrors, echoes and reminds us on a daily basis of our chosen identity and of how we would like others to perceive us. One’s private office should reinforce their uniqueness and positively impact their performance.

Since your space tells a story, your visitors will pick up on the room’s subtle clues that tell them what you are about. Make sure to give visitors the right clues. A great first step is to have a strong coloured wall behind your desk. This will frame you and bring instant energy and personality to your room. The other walls should stay neutral for a sharp contrast.

If there is no window in the office, a large mirror will provide depth and should reflect interesting artwork. The great art of your 2 year old are best suited for the home office; whereas pictures of a recent trip to Kenya will invite conversation the visitor will remember. If original art is not in the budget, a series of black and white photographs in large square frames will do the trick. These pictures should be in a theme related to a passion of yours, such as sailing or jazz, to facilitate dialogue with visitors.

A plant is a must; it brings renewed energy and will connect your space with nature. A desk lamp provides an appealing pool of light and focus to your work area. Two chairs with a table in between allow visitors to have a cup of tea without intruding on your work territory. Given the importance of teamwork, it is crucial that others feel comfortable visiting your space.

The idea is to keep your office looking as spacious, open and clean as possible. Wood, simple lines, glass and metal accents give you an updated, professional look you can build on.

Even if you have been given the same furniture as your colleges, personal touches will make you stand out – consider them as your personal branding. Last tip, don’t forget to smile no matter what – there is nothing better to make your office shine!

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