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University of Windsor

The University of Windsor faculty of law had an old fashioned lounge & cafeteria, with out-of-date furniture and a design that wasn’t functional for today’s students. As a result, the space was deserted and unappealing.

After assessing the situation, Le Ray Design understood that modern students’ space needs were very different from the needs of students when the space had been created. As such, the space was revamped to create several intimate areas to encourage group work

Plunkett Communications

“Many times clients don’t come with a specific problem. They know something isn’t working but they don’t know what to change.” This was one of those problems.

Le Ray Design observed that the office did not have a proper structure, making it cluttered and lacking a harmonious flow. So that staff could work more efficiently and effectively, the clutter was eliminated, work spaces were reorganized to create better office flow, new artwork was hung to brighten the mood and a friendly reception area was created to welcome clients.

The Brainstorm Group

The Brainstorm Group is a Toronto-based advertising agency that needed a hip and funky space to reflect their cutting-edge work. Le Ray Design understood the challenge and conceptualized an office that was a creative and fun place – using brushed steel and maple fixtures, lively artwork, airy workspaces and neon lighting in some areas. And to encourage creative communication, an informal gathering space was created for employees, with a cappuccino bar & Buddha Lounge built right in the office.

“Many of my clients have strong personalities and I visualize spaces to reflect that.”


c-Seven Media Inc.

A web-based business, c-Seven Media Inc. depended on Le Ray Design to update its look, changing its retro-feel office into something more hip and modern.

“They didn’t have a problem with their space, but it didn’t reflect the image and brand they conveyed.”

Designing a waiting area for visitors, updating walls with colour and art and crafting new signage to create a more effective visual impact of its brand identity, Le Ray Design transformed the space into a modern one, yet with a very professional feel to it.

McCarthy Tétrault

McCarthy Tétrault is a Canadian law firm with offices in cities across Canada in the U.K. In the Toronto office, LeRay Design was faced with a challenging problem – each lawyer’s office was to be uniquely designed to reflect its occupant’s personality, however the corporate brand couldn’t be lost in the process.

McCarthy (Corporate)